Know your audience

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Getting to know your audience is one of the best ways to ensure success for your product.

An audience profile starts off with an understanding of who they are. Although a demographic profile in itself is limited in information, it is a good discussion point that will help uncover buying motivation and patterns. It is important however to understand your audience deeper than just straight facts about who they are. Equip yourself with their most dominant issue or problem. This is the problem that has brought your customers to you and the reasons why they are considering your product. This helps you understand what motivates them and in turn gives you the right information you need to create the right content for them.

The next step is choosing the right channel to communicate this. You would need to understand where your audience goes to for the information they require to make their decision about buying. Choosing these right is critical. Understand your audience’s content consumption patterns and where they spend their time. Knowing this will help you reach the right people, at the right time and the right place. 

The message is key. It is important to understand what you should say to your audience. Your message should focus more on benefits and less on features. Don’t tell me what your product does, but what it does for me. if you have done all of the above, articulating this message should be easy. 

The process of understanding your audience takes time but it is quite a key process for the success of your product. This will help your content writers have the right information about what your product does for the right audience, it also helps your sales team understand how they can sell the product and it also helps your product development know what they need to create or improve for the right customer as they know what solves their problem.