Other endeavours

These are other endeavours that I have been very much involved and interested in. Areas that to me serve as fountains of inspiration and motivation. 

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Social & Community 

I have worked in NGOs in Malta for over seven years and organised several social and community projects with young people and minority groups. Recently gaining a keen interest in social entrepreneurship and how to create social impact through business. I say, watch this space! 



I enjoy taking photos and experimenting with this medium. Was lucky enough to be given a camera as a gift a few years back which has seen me taking pictures on photo walks in London, while at home in Malta and on my travels. Check out my Flickr account


Yoga & Mindfulness

This is more than just stress reduction for me, it is a way of life and a means towards self development and becoming a better person. I have been doing yoga and mindfulness practice for the past few years. A great practice to train the body, boost creativity and strengthen connections.  


Theatre and the Arts 

Involved in the theatre from the age of 12, I have grown to love the theatre and all art forms. You will definitely find me lending a keen eye to theatre events, live gigs and art exhibitions and always exploring new music and literature. Check out the books I've been reading.