Practicing mindfulness on the job

Practicing mindfulness is becoming key to my life. However, I am also keen to finding ways and means of how to do this while still going on with my every day tasks including my work in ways that allow me to be better at what I do. 

Achieving mindfulness at work might sound impossible especially if your job is usually very hectic and fast paced, however it might be easier than you think.  Being mindful could possibly also make you more productive at your job. Here are a few tips that I have come across and am starting to exercise every day. 

  1. Choose to start your day. Begin each day consciously. Take a few breaths before you start your day and set an intention to your day. 
  2. Be present. Be consciously present while you work, focus on your task. Give it your full attention. It is very easy to wander off with your thoughts. Acknowledge these but bring yourself back to the task at hand. To be completely honest this is really hard to do but totally possible and once you master this it can make you much more productive in your work. 
  3. Use your transitions. Drive to work without the radio on or set off on your public transport commute without looking at your phone. Allow yourself moments to sit and breath in between tasks. 
  4. Stop for lunch. Stop each day to eat your lunch and do just that. Don’t eat your lunch while you working on tasks. Stop even if it is just for a short 20 minute break. Choose to be present also while eating your food. 
  5. Show appreciation. This is helps to develop humility and practice gratitude daily. When someone helps you out, show appreciation and thank them. This reminds you of the contribution of others in your work and your life, no matter how little, without it, it wouldn’t be the same. Everyone counts. 
  6. Value other people’s opinion. If someone gives their opinion that is not the same as yours, do not judge them for it. Stop to consider in what ways they might be right too. This keeps you curious and respectful towards others. Also gives you an opportunity to learn. 

Do you have other tips on practicing mindfulness at work? Comment below if you know of other tips to practice mindfulness on the job.