An image from the film "Innsaei"

An image from the film "Innsaei"

I do like to share things here that inspire me in some way. This week I had the opportunity to watch "Innsaei - the Power of Intuition", a documentary film that explore and discuss the Icelandic concept of innsaei. This ancient word in Icelandic has multiple meanings which are; "the sea within", "to see within" and "to see from the inside out". 

This film is inspiring as it follows a soul searching journey of uncovering the art of connecting with the world in environments that are full of distractions, disconnections and stress. This journey looks into neuroscience, art, spirituality and ancient wisdom as it highlights the power of nature and mindfulness. What I like about this documentary is that is connects a number of topics such as intuition, nature, mindfulness, the feminine and science together into one discourse in a way where it all links up as part of one whole.  This holistic approach is very refreshing seeing that most of the time these are spoken of as individual strands although they really should not be.  

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