Let's talk about fear


Today I write about fear.

We all know it and experience it although we might not be willing to admit it. As I navigate through my new journey amongst several successes but lots of uncertainty, I am sometimes asked whether I am afraid.

The simple answer is; Yes I am. 

Earlier this year I read a book, "Feel the fear and do it anyway" by Susan Jeffers. I never thought it would change the way I look at life.  I am also the kind of reader, that when I dread the outcome of a reading a book, because I feel it might bring some changes, I drag it out as much as I can. Those close to me might find it hard to believe (as it is not always evident) that I resist change just like everyone else and it frightens me just like it does most of us. I was reading this book for months on end.  This book is the kind of book that makes you want to go out and do things. That gives you that 'can do' attitude. Very few books manage to do that for me. These are a few things I learnt from this book and through my experience till now; 

  • Every time you leave your comfort zone you will always feel fear. 
  • You need to listen to the voice of your higher self and learn how to deal with the chatterbox.
  • You need to keep going in spite of the fear.  
  • By doing what you are afraid of you stop being afraid of it.

Has anyone read the book and had revelations they would like to share? Have you had experience where you had to keep going in spite of feeling afraid and achieved something great in return? Leave your comment below.